Access Point AX3000 WiFi6 2,5 LAN Cudy AP3000_P Injector Included


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Connects 512 Devices with 512 MB RAM 1.3 GHz dual-core CPU, large RAM, and the upgraded UL/DL MU-MIMO and OFDMA technologies significantly reduce transmission latency to and from the AP when connecting multiple devices. 5 Antennas and 3+2 Strucutre Boost Coverage Five antennas plus 3+2 structure create more paths to bypass obstacles. Beamforming tracks connected devices’ directions and boosts signal towards them. Access Point Simply create a Wi-Fi spot behind a router. Wi-Fi Router When PPPoE authorization or creating a separate subnet is needed, please use the Router mode. Range Extender Wi-Fi Extender (repeater) mode extends a existing Wi-Fi coverage to hard-to-cover area. WISP extends Wi-Fi but creates a subnet for connected devices, so it’s safer than extender mode. Improve your brand awareness by displaying a customized login page for new clients. Band Steering Assigns devices to less congested bands. Auto Channel Optimization Automatically avoid signal interruptions with nearby access points. Self-Organizing Mesh Form mesh backhaul via less congested routes automatically.