IP Camera Wi-Fi Reolink E320 HD+


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Pan & Tilt – Broaden Your View Losing sight is bothering. Reolink E Series E320 solves it, with the ability to rotate 355° horizontally and 50° vertically. Capture kids toddling around and naughty pets running through the house, or scan the lobby, living room and dining room with only one Reolink E Series E320. See Your Home in Details Day and Night Reolink E Series E320 smart home security camera captures Super HD videos in the resolution of 2304×1296 (3 megapixels), and with 8 infrared LEDs, it can see up to 40ft in the dark. Stay connected with what you care anytime with all-day home camera. Easy to Install Robust wireless connection and pan & tilt feature provide Reolink E Series E320 with maximal flexibility in placement. Power it, connect to 2.4 GHz WiFi, and you can scan your whole room. It’s that simple. Stunning Time Lapse Observe hours, days, or even weeks of changes within mere minutes, making it easier to capture the beauty of long-term events, such as sunrise and sundown.