IP Camera POE Reolink P320 2K


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Focus on True Threats Powered by smart motion detection technology, P320 can distinguish people and vehicles from other objects. Get alerts when a suspicious person or car is loitering around your house or store. Unwanted alarms from spiders or swaying trees are a thing of the past. Exceptional 5MP Super HD Boasting a high resolution of 2560×1920, P320 security IP camera can capture crystal clear videos with fine details. With the built-in microphone, it also picks up ambient sound for an extra layer of security Peace of Mind at Night With 18pcs infrared LEDs and advanced IR technology, you can see any event clearly even in the dark. Crime has nowhere to hide, and you’ll have peace of mind around the clock. Time Lapse – See the Day in a Minute Use your security camera to shoot time-lapse videos. Keep track of your 3D printing, see whole construction process in a few minutes, or capture beautiful views from sunrise to sundown. Easy to use and fun to share with others. PoE – Faster Installation with Less Effort P320 PoE security IP camera uses a single cable to transmit both data and power. Simplified wiring means easier and clean installation. It is the best choice for DIY enthusiasts. Your World at Your Fingertips With a few clicks on Reolink App or Client, you can easily watch the live feed, stay informed of the emergency, replay key moments anywhere and anytime.